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Offering a comprehensive suite of Fintech and Management System for international student recruitment agencies worldwide.

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On average, our CRM users have reported an improvement in operational efficiency by 37% and customer satisfaction by 62%.

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Here's how Innerx can benefit your business

15+ Data-Driven Reports

Sales Performance Feedback Campaign Lead journey and more

Payment Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your payment channels to collect application and other fees.

Always stay in touch

Send personalized communication to prospects & clients with our inbuilt WhatsApp communicator

Rule Engine To Automate Tasks

Auto allocate leads, update status based on action, run triggered-based campaigns and more.

Lead Management & Notification

You will never lose a lead with our intelligent lead management system and stay updated through the smart notifications

Advanced Email Editor

Create emails & templates within minutes with our drag and drop email editor.

Ease of use

InnerxCRM is an intelligent system which is super easy to use. Just sign up or book a demo to see for yourself.

Expert Help

We offer FREE business expertise and technical support to help maximize your business potential through InnerxCRM


Our CRM is built on the latest tech stack with utmost attention to data security & scalability.

How will Innerx solution help me improve sales?

Innerx helps businesses track leads, automate the lead journey, spot opportunities, measure key performance indicators across organization, streamline sales workflow and focus on higher conversion.

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Why Choose Innerx ?

Lead Channel

Tracking the leads through multiple sources and excel sheets can be hard. Our intelligent CRM system helps manage all the leads at one place. Innerx rule-engine let you setup efficient processes to manage and increase the lead conversions through one single centralized platform.


Keeping all the stake holders informed and reminders sent in-time could be an uphill task. Innerx in-build communication engine takes care of this with ease, keeping your hands free for other activities.


Innerx CRM is very flexible, scalable and completely configurable. Creating different branches (business location), work flows and processes is super easy.


- Lead Management
- Appointment Flexibility
- Client Account & Invoice Settlement


- Task Management
- Communication
- Integration & Coaching


- Smart Dashboard
- Reports & Analytics
- Document Management


- User Management
- Custom Workflow
- Administrative Features

What else do we offer ?

Role based access control for users.

InnerxCRM lets you customize various roles for different users such as Reception, Agent, Counselor, Admission, Filling, Brach head and Admin.